Accident lawyer at Paris

Your lawyer in Paris can assist you and help you taking the necessary steps against the responsible person of the damage in order to obtain the highest compensation.

What type of accidents ?

Any accident that takes place in your living place or close to it, during your leisure activities, sport for example, in a shop, at school, or during holidays or business trips in France. For this type of accident, you can ask the skills of your accident lawyer in Paris, Master SECNAZI LEIBA.

Which accidents ?

Most accidents are in volve the use of vehicles and motorbikes. But it can also be a ski accident, a bicycle accident, or a pedestrian accident resulting for example from a slipping floor in a public or a private place.

It can be also an animal bite, or any other kind of accident that caused a physical injury to the victim. Based in Paris, your accident lawyer will know how to defend your interests, so you will can obtain an adapted compensation.

What will your accident lawyer in Paris do ?

Raphaële SECNAZI LEIBA will most of the time engage a procedure to ask for the designation of a medical expert who will examine the victim and evaluate the damage according to the current medical scale for the determination of the amount of injury.

After this, your accident lawyer will either try to negotiate with the insurance of the person responsible for the accident, and in case such negotiation fails, engage a legal procedure to recover the amount of damages that is due to you.

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