Car accident lawyer at Paris

The Badinter statute of 5th July 1985 concerns victims of car accidents when a terrestrial motor vehicle is involved, except trains and tramways that circulate on their own rails. Master SECNAZI LEIBA defends you as a car accident lawyer in case of road accident in Paris and its surroundings.

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The field of operations of your car accident lawyer

Their exists two types of liabilities :

  • If the victim is not the driver of the vehicle, the victim can always obtain reparation of its damages, unless it is proven that the victim was recklessly negligent in an unforgivable manner and if this negligence is the only cause of the auto accident, or if the victim has intentionally caused the damage it suffered.

The victims which age is inferior to 16 years old or superior to 70 years old are better protected since they are never considered as being responsible for the damage except if they intentionally caused it.

  • If the victim is the driver of the vehicle, such victim will obtain less damages if it committed an act of negligence, which will reduce or exclude its compensation, unless of course the driver-victim contracted a proper insurance policy covering such damages.

The declaration of the accident to the insurance company is the next step.

The victim or, in case of death, her/his legal representatives, will declare the auto accident to the proper insurance company. If it's necessary, your car accident lawyer based in Paris can assist you in this process.

The insurer has several obligations. In the first letter to the victim or to her/his legal representative, the insurer has to inform the victim that it can obtain, upon first demand, copy of the police report.

The insurer must also inform the victim that he/she can be assisted by a lawyer and in case of a medical examination, by a doctor.

If the insurer does not execute these obligations, any future settlement agreement will be void.

The insurer will also have to inform the victim on the terms of article 12, §4, and article 15 of the statute of 5 July 1985.

Your car accident lawyer, Maître Scenazi Leiba, will know how to defend you in case of car injury, in front of the competent courts of Paris and its aera.

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