Lawyer in Paris in commercial lease

Your lawyer in Paris helps you in the field of commercial lease.

Most of the time, the use of a standard contract is not sufficient and creates litigations that could have been avoided if the rental lease had been minutely drafted by a professional lawyer in commercial lease.

Besides, in case of a litigation concerning the renewal of your commercial lease, the payment of compensation to the tenant, the determination of the rent of the commercial lease, the lifting of the ceiling and all other matter., a lawyer is necessary.

The lawyer helps you in drafting your agreement

Raphaële SECNAZI LEIBA assists you in drafting your commercial lease , to determine the amount of the rent in case of a revision or a renewal, and assists you in case of a transfer of the lease to a third party.

Your lawyer guides you in case of a difficulty throughout the commercial lease Raphaële SECNAZI LEIBA can help you in estimating the rental value of a commercial property, in designating an expert, and in taking all necessary measures in case of nonpayment of a rent.

Your lawyer represents you in case of a litigation

Your lawyer assists you in introducing a litigation or defending yourself before any law court located in France.

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