Rnnting eviction lawyer at Paris

The owner who has to deal with a tenant who stopped paying his rent, who damaged the property or who more generally violated his/her obligations, must act efficiently.

Raphaële SECNAZI LEIBA, your lawyer in Paris will help you achieving your aims in the shortest delay.

How to recover the unpaid rents and to evict the tenant ?

Your lawyer in Paris, who represents the owner, requests a court baily to send tenant a notice consisting of an order to pay and targeting the termination clause of the lease.

If the tenant still has not paid his rental debt after two months, your lawyer in Paris will then be able to sue the tenant before the competent Court.

During which period of time is it possible to evict the tenant ?

The winter truce takes place between October 15th and the March 15th. During that time, no eviction of a tenant can take place

What happens after the judicial procedure ?

Raphaële SECNAZI LEIBA, lawyer in Paris, will guide you to take measures of execution which are necessary to recover the due amounts an to proceed with the eviction of the tenant or the occupant.

Your lawyer will, for example, seize tenant's bank account or salary.

What happens when the tenant has been afforded FSL ?

The tenant can be admitted to FSL, which is the fund of solidarity for the accommodation, which can accept to take in charge a part or all of the debt.

If owner accepts the FSL, the owner will also have to accept to keep the tenant in the rented property, to stop all the procedures engaged against her/him, and to sign another lease with her/him. The owner is thus not obliged to accept FSL.

What happens when the tenant has been admitted to DALO protection ?

When the tenant or the occupant has been admitted for DALO, which gives accommodation rights provided by the French state, the tenant can not be evicted anymore and can occupy the property without paying any rent. The tenant can only sue the state of France for damages.

Raphaële SECNAZI LEIBA, your lawyer in Paris, can assist you in filing a claim against the French state for the amount that the tenant still owes you.

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