Insalubre property Lawyer at Paris

Your lawyer in Paris can assist you in case of a squalor.

You are the owner and your tenant has denounced the unsafety or the decay of the rental property ?

Your lawyer can assist you in order to solve this problem.

Which are the criterions of a decent accommodation ?

The SRU law of 13 December 2000 and the decree of 30 January 2002 oblige the owner to rent a decent accommodation. The law lists the criterions of decent accommodation.

What are the consequences for the owner of city hall or police act declaring the insalubrity of rented property ?

The owner must do works or rehouse the tenant, who will be allowed not to pay the rent until the property is apt for living according to the law.

The rents that have been paid while the accommodation was under insalubrity will have to be paid back by the owner.

Can the owner give a notice to leave to the tenant despite the insalubrity ?

Your lawyer in Paris will submit to you the elements necessary to answer this question, it being understood that in most cases, no notice to leave can be given if the property is no conform to the law.

Does the owner have to rehouse all kind of tenants ?

Only must be rehoused are the tenant, sub-tenant or occupant in good faith and if the accommodation is their main living place.

The owner has no obligation towards an occupant in bad faith.

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