Lawyer in Paris in co-ownership

Your lawyer in Paris can help you solving your co-ownership problems in Paris or anywhere in France.

If you suffer for example damages resulting from leaks, from co-ownership expenses, from the relations with the management agent of the building or with the co-op board, or if you need an assistance during a general meeting of the co-owners of the property, your lawyer in Paris can assist you.

Your lawyer in Paris can also introduce a litigation or can defend you before any French law court.

What is the applicable law in co-ownership ?

The law of 10 July 1965 and the decree of 17 March 1967 determines the applicable law in this field.

Co-owners are also submitted to the rules of the co-ownership.

Private or common area ?

Your lawyer will help you determine if an area is private or common property.

Who are the entities representing the co-owners ?

These are the co-ownership association, the council union,the administrator of the and the general assembly of co-owners.

What are the applicable majorities in order to accept resolutions of co-owners of real estate property ?

  • Unanimity of co-owners
  • The double majority of article 26, which is the majority of the co-owners that represent at least 2/3 of the co-owners
  • Majority according to article 25, which is the majority of the co-owners
  • Simple majority indicated in article 24, which is the majority of expressed votes

How to contest resolution of a general assembly of co-owners of property ?

Your lawyer will initiate a legal proceeding before the competent court.

The delay to contest a general assembly is two months.

How to act in case of damage resulting from water leaks ?

Water damages are the cause of many difficulties and are often badly managed.

Your lawyer in Paris can help you in this process so that you will receive the best indemnities in the shortest delay.

How to change property administrator ?

To change property agent requires knowhow and rigor. Your lawyer in Paris can help proceeding in this.

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