Rental Lease Lawyer at Paris

Your lawyer in Paris assists you in France, beginning from the drafting of the rental agreement until the end or termination of the lease.

Lease including furniture or not ?

Your lawyer in Paris will explain to you the legal regime which is different according to the type of lease.

When should you give notice to your tenant ?

The law of 6 July 1989 states that the lessor can give notice only at the end of the lease.

Thus, in the most frequent cases, the term of the lease is 3 years. The lessor gives notice to the tenant at the end of this period.

The lessor can give notice to leave to the tenant only for statutory reasons

The lessor can give such notice for one of these three following reasons:

  • She/he wishes to recover her/his apartment back to live in it or, under certain conditions, in order for certain members of the family to live in,
  • If she/he wants to sell the apartment
  • He she/he has a motivated and serious reason

Which notice to give ?

The lessor must give a notice of 6 months. If he does not do so, the notice is void.

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